Pizza Recipes

Grilled Pizzas and Strawberry Bellinis

Tonight I got to hang out with my mom, so I thought it would be fun to try out some new recipes I had come across during the week. My mom had picked up some fresh mozzarella from Costco, so homemade pizza seemed like the best choice.

I really love the taste of Neapolitan pizza and this technique from Serious Eats recreated that charred taste at home on the BBQ. My mom made one of our favorite pizza dough and sauce recipes last night for today’s pizza experiment. They are Cooks Illustrated recipes that seems to come out perfectly every time. See the recipe here.

We topped the pizzas with some prosciutto salami and sun dried tomatoes from the Italian Centre Grocery Store, fresh basil from the garden and that fresh mozzarella from Costco.



I followed the grilled pizza directions pretty closely, except I found that I lost a lot of heat by keeping the BBQ lid open. Once the toppings were on the pizza I closed the BBQ lid for a couple of minutes to ensure the dough was cooked through and that the toppings got a chance to cook a bit more. The pizzas turned out great! A delicious charred crust, with high quality, simple ingredients made these pizzas awesome.


After dinner I thought it would be fun to make a homemade strawberry Bellini. I found the recipe here. I blended up fresh strawberries, simple syrup and water to make a strawberry purée, which I then added to the prossecco to make the Bellini.


Mmmm…so refreshing!

Overall, everything tasted great! I am especially looking forward to taking advantage of the rest of the hot summer in Edmonton (fingers crossed) to try out some different pizza combinations on the grill.

Happy Friday!



  1. Oh my goodness, this looks delicious!!! I’ve wanted to try grilling pizzaz for awhile but I am a bit intimidated by the grill (and maybe the fire too, haha). The crusts just look so much tastier than the traditional way of cooking them.

    1. It was really super easy, I really recommend you give it a try! The pizza is totally worth it. Just make sure you have some nice long tongs and BBQ tools to keep your hands away from the flames!

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