President's Choice

President’s Choice Pomegranate Italian Soda

I have a strange love of President’s Choice products. The products always seem to be innovative and well priced and I love trying them out. The problem is that I hate actually shopping in Superstore… it’s always so crazy busy and you have to bag your own groceries!

Problem solved! A few weeks ago I was in Olds, Alberta en route to my family’s lake cabin and needed to stop and get some groceries. I happened upon a “No Frills” grocery store, which is similar to Superstore in that it carries President’s Choice products, however it is much smaller and doesn’t carry all of the extra stuff (frills I guess) that Superstore does.

The latest product that I found was a Pomegranate Italian Soda. I think it was about $2 for the bottle, but I don’t remember the exact price.

The Italian Soda was a beautiful reddish-purple colour and smelled very fragrant when I was pouring it. It tasted wonderful too, a nice pomegranate taste, but not too sweet. A perfect drink for relaxing at the lake. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had added a little bit of vodka or something. I’ll save that for next time.

Happy Saturday!

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