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Corso 32

Corso 32
10345 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
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Last Tuesday night I went out my with parents and brother for dinner to Corso 32 to celebrate me passing my CMA Board Report. It was a weird experience because on one hand I had been looking forward to trying out Corso 32 for a few months now, but at the same time I recently went through a very emotional change in my life… leaving me pretty drained, without much of an appetite and kind of all over the place. Weird way to be feeling when I was supposed to be celebrating, but either way I was very grateful that my parents were taking me to somewhere so special and I was doing my best to focus on looking forward to the fabulous meal.

Corso 32 is located downtown on Jasper Ave and can be easy to miss because there isn’t a whole lot of signage. The restaurant is also very small, which makes getting a reservation a little difficult, it took me 6 weeks to get a reservation at a time that worked for us! Our reservations were for 6:30 pm and when we arrived at the restaurant it was already very busy. Any table that emptied while we were dining didn’t stay empty for long.

We started off with drinks. I went for the Corso Campari which was good, but strong… well at least for me, however I am not much of a big drinker and it probably didn’t help that I hadn’t been eating much. My drink is the red drink in the photo below, my brother had the one of the right, although I don’t recall what he had.

Drinks at Corso 32
My brother, Nick, and I

The entire menu looked delicious. We decided that we would get a bunch of different dishes and then just share them between all of us. We started off with 2 different antipasti, a wild arugula salad and house made goat ricotta.

The salad was delicious, but I think that the house made goat cheese ricotta really stole the show. The cheese was creamy and rich, while the olive oil drizzled on top was tangy, making it perfect to spread on the crostini. My only disappointment was that the server didn’t offer to bring out any extra crostini to finish up the leftover ricotta.

Arugula Salad
House made goat ricotta

After the antipasti we shared 2 different pastas, one was a pesto with spring peas and the other was in a tomato sauce with wild boar sausage. What made these pastas really special was that they were made with fresh, home made noodles. The texture of the noodles is something so different than what I am used to and I really liked it!

Stracci, Pesto Genovese, sundog Farm Spinach, Spring Peas, Pine nuts, Pecorino
Pappardelle, Spicy Wild Boar Sausage, Swiss Chard, Parmigiano

By this point, unfortunately, I was getting really full. Which, for the record, is so not me usually when it comes to Italian food. I usually completely gorge myself on Italian food, but clearly I was not quite myself. We had 2 big plates of meat coming up so I was trying to find a corner of my stomach that would accept the food. Our last few dishes were a fried short rib with arugula and shaved pear, a half game hen with green beans and fried brussel sprouts.

Unfortunately I really wasn’t able to eat too much more food, and it’s a good thing I don’t have a picture of my plate, because it looked really pathetic. I can tell you though that my dad devoured the brussel sprouts, my mom raved about the short rib, and what little I ate of the game hen was delicious.

Clearly dessert really wasn’t an option, but there is always next time. To say I had the best time ever wouldn’t be completely honest, but I think considering my circumstances I couldn’t have been happier anywhere else… eating amazing food, surrounded by the people who love me most. I look forward to going back to Corso 32, maybe in a few months and I’ll be sure to show up with my appetite.

Happy (Holiday) Monday!


  1. You’re an accomplished and wonderful young woman. Congratulations and it was a joy to celebrate with you. Next time there your appetite and demeanour will be back to normal.

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