Eating Out Edmonton Pizza

Always Down For Pizza

Over the past couple of weeks my appetite hasn’t been what it usually is. I have noticed, however, that it seems like no matter what, I am always down for some pizza. I guess pizza must be one of my comfort foods. I’ve had a few good pizza experiences over the past couple of weeks…

Last Saturday night my friend Katy, who I have known for about 15 years, took me out for some “sketchy pizza” to help cheer me up. So we headed to Santo’s in little Italy, one of her family’s favourite places in Edmonton for pizza. The restaurant is a couple blocks east of respectability, but it was a fun place to go for a dinner adventure.

We each started off with a glass of the house red, which was just fine. Then we decided we would share a salad and a pizza between the 2 of us. After browsing the menu we settled on the rustica salad and the el greigo mediterranean pizza.

The salad was pretty good. Made me feel a little bit healthier before digging into all of the cheese and dough. The pizza was really delicious, it had just the right amount of toppings on it. It was definitely a thicker style pizza, not like the Neopolitan style pizza you find at Famoso or the Italian thin crust style at Tony’s, but it was still really good.


We got through about half of the salad and three-quarters of the pizza… there was a lot of food to eat. Thank you Katy, for taking me out and introducing me to Santo’s! I look forward to going back (although probably always in the light of day)!

A couple of Sundays ago I went to dinner with my parents to Earls on 170th street. I have been dying to order the Californian Prawn Pesto pizza ever since I tried a small slice while waiting to be seated at the Earls in West Edmonton Mall about 6 months ago. The pizza is described on the Earls menu as:

The Californian Prawn Pesto house made pesto, prawns, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella, white cheddar and feta, garlic butter, hand tossed thin crust.”

However, to my dismay the last few times I have been at Earls this pizza has been off the menu. A few months ago I decided to take matters into my own hands and I attempted to recreate the pizza at home.

I made a simple pizza crust and then topped it with olive oil and baked it in the oven for a while. Then I topped the pizza with store-bought pesto, small prawns, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and baked it for a little while longer. It was pretty good, however not quite as yummy as I remembered the pizza being at Earls.

Homemade Prawn Pizza

Well, as luck would have it, when I was at Earls with my parents the Californian Prawn Pizza was back on the menu.

Earls’ Californian Prawn Pesto Pizza

It was really good. Worth the wait! I love “traditional” tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese pizza, but this one was also really great. I hope it stays on the menu long enough for me to try it again!

Happy Thursday!

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