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Mosh Burger Pop Up Dinner

Every Tuesday morning I faithfully check out Only Here For The Food to stay up-to-date with the local Edmonton food scene. Thank you, Sharon, for posting your weekly notes! This week I noticed a link to a post on Edmonton Journal Food writer Lianne Faulder’s food blog, Eat My Words, describing a really cool sounding food event, Mosh Burger. The Red Star Pub on Jasper Avenue was going to play host to a pop-up dinner, where real “American-style” burgers would be served on the rarer side.

So last night I headed downtown to meet up with my friend Lana and her friend Matt to try out these burgers. Red Star was packed by the time I got there at 6:15, but luckily Lana and Matt had been able to snag the last table. We ordered our drinks and were told that they were just setting everything up outside and that once they were ready we were welcome to head out and get in line. Just after 6:30 everyone was making their way outside to grab a burger and we followed suit. The lineup was about 40 people deep at that point, but I didn’t think it would take too long to get through. Wrong. Unfortunately, the line-up system didn’t really seem to work that well. We waited for more than an hour for the burgers. Outside. While our table inside sat empty. They had one flat-top grill set up outside, where they could grill about 15 hamburgers at a time.


Before I can even get to the burger I have to get my complaints out of the way. Why have your tables inside sitting empty when we could have been inside ordering drinks and appetizers while we waited for our food? Not only would it be a lot more comfortable for patrons to sit inside, but the pub would be making more money inside, instead of having tables sit empty! I think maybe having another couple of flat-tops going would have also helped.

Now that that is out of the way… on to the burger.

I really, really liked my burger. The burgers were grilled on the flat-top outside in butter (mmm… butter) and then put on a bun that had also been grilled in butter (mmm… more butter) and finished off with some raw onion. No ketchup, mustard, relish or anything else to take away from the taste of the burger. You could also choose to add cheese, but I like to think of myself as purist and skip the cheese. I couldn’t tell exactly how rare my burger was as it was pretty dark inside the pub, but I think it was pretty rare. Not for the faint of heart!


The outside of the burger was super crispy and crunchy and the inside was moist and delicious. You could tell that it was really good quality beef and I think cooking the burger in butter made all the difference. I think if the set-up of this event was changed a little, I would definitely be back for another mosh burger pop up.

Happy Wednesday!


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