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Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken is a Stanley Family summer staple. The chicken always turns out so moist and delicious and whenever you can use the BBQ in the summer it’s a plus. I think this recipe is also a favourite because it means that someone gets to drink the half can of beer that you don’t need in the recipe. (Although that’s not me, I’d be happier with a glass of wine!)

Beer Can Chicken

– 1 whole roasting chicken
– 1 can of beer
– canola oil
– seasoning salt
– 1 clove of garlic
– chives
– seasoned pepper

1. Rinse and dry the chicken, make sure there aren’t any residual feathers left on the bird. Turn on the BBQ at this point so that it starts to heat up.

2. Open the can of beer and drink (or discard) half of the beer. Add chopped garlic, chives, and seasoned pepper to the beer.

3. Rub the chicken well with canola oil and season with seasoning salt.

4. Now this is the interesting part, put the beer can into the chicken’s cavity, so that it is “standing” upright, using the chicken’s legs to make a tripod of sorts. (My mom said she always feels like she is violating the chicken… I have to agree with her).

5. Stand the chicken on the BBQ, with the burner directly under the chicken off. Close the lid. The BBQ should be between 350° and 400°. Cook the chicken for about an hour to an hour and a half. Check on the chicken occasionally, as it can burn easily.

6. Once the chicken is cooked, the skin should be crispy and golden brown. Remove the chicken very carefully from the BBQ. I recommend getting an extra set of hands to help with this, as it can be tricky. The beer in the can will be super hot and you don’t want to get burned!

7. Carefully remove the beer can from the chicken, carve it up, serve and enjoy!

Just a quick note, before you start the recipe make sure your BBQ can accomodate a chicken. I got stuck once and the chicken wouldn’t fit in the BBQ because of the little hanging rack thing, so I had to use the oven. The chicken still tasted good, but it sure made a big mess in the oven…

Happy Wednesday!


  1. One of you got dad a beer can chicken cookbook years ago for Father’s Day. It has all sorts of variations on the chicken on a can theme. We just do our recipe because it is easy and delicious.

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