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Maui Ribs and President’s Choice MEMORIES OF Korean BBQ Sauce

I was lucky enough to get away to Maui earlier this year and I got to make and eat one of my favourite things ever… Maui Ribs! According to legend (aka my parents) Maui Ribs were made famous by the Azeka family. From what I have heard Azeka’s was located in a strip mall in Kihei and they would marinate the ribs in huge tubs for days. You could then purchase the ribs to BBQ at your condo and apparently they were absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, Azeka’s is now closed, however the internet is full of people from all over reminiscing about these delicious ribs and debating the recipe. I found an article here that has a recipe, it seems pretty legit, however I have not had a chance to test it out myself.

Me and the Maui Ribs in Maui

Either way, I desperately wanted to make Maui Ribs when I was in Maui, but I didn’t want to deal with buying all of the individual ingredients to make the marinade from scratch. So my brother told me to go to the Safeway in Kihei and ask the butcher about them and he’d help us out. Seemed a little weird.. but sure enough when I went to the Safeway and asked the butcher about Maui Ribs he was able to help me out no problem. It was pretty funny though, because his first comment was “you must be Canadian!”… ummm, ya, but I don’t know why Maui Ribs = Canadian. He set me up with some beef short ribs and a bottle of marinade and after an afternoon of marinating and quick grill on the BBQ the result was perfection.

Maui Ribs in Maui

So fast forward a few months and I wanted to recreate the Maui Ribs when I was out at my family’s cabin with some friends, and again, I didn’t feel like going to the trouble of making the marinade from scratch. I love my President’s Choice products, so I decided to try out the MEMORIES OF Korean Barbecue Grilling and Glazing Sauce.  I bought a couple of packs of beef short ribs and put them in a big zip lock with most of the bottle of sauce and let them marinate for almost 24 hours. The next night, we grilled them up on the BBQ and they were fantastic!

Maui Ribs at the Lake

I would highly recommend this sauce, I think it would taste delicious on almost anything… beef, chicken, shrimp, veggies. I’m looking forward to trying it out again and maybe some of the other MEMORIES OF sauces!

Happy Monday!


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