Eating Out Edmonton Vietnamese

Saigon Paradise

Saigon Paradise
13536 97 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
Saigon Paradise on Urbanspoon

A couple of weeks ago I “crossed the tracks” and ventured to Edmonton’s North Side to hang out with my friend Irene. I actually had a very exciting start to the evening because it was my first time on the North part of the Anthony Henday ring-road… simple pleasures, I know… but it really is so much faster than before! 🙂

I met Irene at her house and then we headed down 97th street to her favourite local Vietnamese restaurant, Saigon Paradise, for dinner. According to Irene this is the best restaurant in the area.

“I wanted to take Robyn to an authentic Vietnamese restaurant and if my Vietnamese friend recommended this restaurant– this is as authentic as it can get.” – Irene

Saigon Paradise

We decided to start with an order of green onion cakes to see how they would stack up against other green onion cakes we have tried. These were pretty standard; nice and crispy, but not too oily and had good onion flavour.

Green Onion Cakes

For our main course, we both decided to go with a vermicelli bowl. Irene chose the 5 Colour Vermicelli that came with grilled pork, ham, a springroll, shredded pork and the beef la lop shish-ka-bob. Irene said she enjoyed the variety of the 5 Colour bowl and that she had no complaints about her meal.

5 Colours Vermicelli

I opted for the Pan Fried Pork with Lemongrass and Springroll. I really liked how there were grilled peppers and onions, as well as the typical carrots, cucumbers and lettuce in the bowl. I thought that it made the dish a little bit more interesting and added more flavour. I also found the level of heat to be just right, enough that I could tell it was spicy, but not so much that it over powered the food.

Pan Fried Pork with Lemon Grass and Spring Roll

I really enjoyed my meal at Saigon Paradise. Thanks for showing me the “most authentic” Vietnamese food on the North Side, Irene! I can’t say it is somewhere that I will be going to on a regular basis, as it’s nowhere close to where I live or work, however if I have a craving for Vietnamese food while in North side of Edmonton I would probably make a trip to Saigon Paradise.

Happy Friday!


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