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Mosh Burger Pop Up Dinner – Take 2

Last night I went to the second Mosh Burger Pop Up Dinner. This time the event was held at Accent Lounge. I really enjoyed my burger at the first Pop Up Dinner, however I had a few concerns with how the event was run. Mainly that the diners were having to wait in line outside of the restaurant, while our tables sat empty. Well actually, our drinks were sitting on them… This time, however, it seemed like the organizers decided to change things up a bit and many of my concerns were addressed.

Although the event officially started at 6:30, I suggested to my dining companions, my friend, Mike, and my brother, Nick, that we meet me there at 6:00 in order to beat any rush. I’m glad we arrived when we did, as we were able to easily snag a table. Within a few minutes of sitting down, the restaurant was pretty much full.

It was nice to see that this time a menu had been prepared outlining the options for the evening.


I chose the burger and beer combination and a side of fries. I asked if it would be possible to substitute the beer for any other type of drink, and the waitress eventually agreed I could substitute in a diet coke, but there would not be any difference in price. As I don’t like beer, that was a better alternative than getting a beer, however it would be nice to see a “burger only” alternative on the menu for those non-beer drinkers such as myself.


The burger was really good, however for some reason it didn’t taste quite as good as last time. I am not sure if that was because I didn’t have to stand, starving, in an hour-long line up this time, or if perhaps the burger was cooked a little differently this time. Either way, it was still a tasty burger.

Mosh Burger

The burger was cooked, to a nice juicy medium rare…

Medium Rare Burger

I wasn’t expecting that much from the fries, but they were actually really delicious. I did a little researching about these fries and it turns out that they follow a very specific, labour intensive recipe that involves frying the fries twice. I’ve heard before that this is the best way to get a perfect “frite”… and whoever said that sure is right!


Mike order his burger with foie gras and seemed to really it… I wasn’t brave enough to get into the goose liver.

Burger with Foie Gras

I had a really nice time at the event. I thought that it was much better organized this time. It was nice to be able to sit at a table, sip our drinks and chat while we waited for our food.

It is so great to see events such as these becoming more popular in Edmonton, I’m hoping there will be many more throughout the winter to escape the cold!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get a rare burger down, but I would have loved to taste those fries. They look delicious. Too bad they didn’t have a cider option for the non beer drinkers.Ciders seem to be trendier than they were and are just as interesting as beer.

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