Eating Out Edmonton Pizza

JT’s Bar & Grill

JT’s Bar &Grill
1107 Knottwood Road East
Edmonton, AB
JT's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

First, I need to apologize for being such a bad blogger! I had been on such a roll with posting, but life got in the way. October 31st is our fiscal year end at work and as an accountant, year end is always a crazy busy time… so after long days (and sometimes weekends) at the office the last thing I felt like doing was sitting down at my computer when I got home. On top of that I’ve been busy with meetings, floor hockey, socializing, eating out and a weekend trip to Calgary, which hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging. Bad Robyn! But, I do have lots of content lined up, so no more excuses! Let’s get to it!

A few weeks ago, after a Thursday night floor hockey game in Millwoods we headed out for some well deserved after game drinks and snacks to local bar, JT’s. Or as I was told, JT Thunder’s (which sounds more like some sort of male revue… which it wasn’t).

JT’s Bar

From the outside (and truthfully, from the inside) JT’s doesn’t look like much, so I really wasn’t expecting much in the food department. However, the food was actually pretty good for after hockey, bar food. Now that might have been because I’d just been running around for an hour or maybe it had something to do with the epic snowfall that day, but either way JT’s delivered.

Our end of the table shared a few different appies from the menu. I had the chance to sample the “garlic fingers”, pizza and fries.

The garlic fingers were quite delicious. It looked like JT’s used a pre-made pizza crust, painted it with garlic butter, smothered it with cheese and then finished it off with lots of bacon. The garlic fingers were served with tomato sauce and ranch. Nothing gourmet about it, but they sure were good.

Garlic Fingers with Bacon

The cheese pizza was also surprisingly good. Again, it looked like a pre-made pizza crust was used, but it worked just fine. The pizza has lots of sauce and cheese and was served hot out of the oven.

Cheese Pizza

The fries… were fries. Not much to report there.


JT’s seems like a good neighbour bar with decent bar food and lots of character. I don’t think I’ll be making the trek into Millwoods for the sole reason of going to JT’s to eat, but it was a great place for the team to get together after a fun game of floor hockey.

Happy Tuesday!


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