12 Posts of Christmas Eating Out Edmonton

12 Posts of Christmas: Meat Drunk

12 Posts of Christmas

Post 5 – Meat Drunk: Dinner at Pampa

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse
9929 109 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

Last night I went for dinner to Pampa with a group of friends, there were about 11 of us. Our dinner reservations were for 8 and when we arrived the restaurant was bustling and full of people. It was definitely a very festive atmosphere and it was really nice to see a local, non-chain restaurant so busy.

I had done my best not to eat too much that day so that I would be super hungry for dinner. With an almost $50 price tag for the Brazilian Steakhouse experience, Pampa isn’t cheap, so I wanted to be able to eat as much meat as I could.

Drink Menu
Drink Menu

When we sat down we were offered the drink menu and I decided against an alcoholic beverage. In part because the meal was already pretty pricey (money seems to seep out of me at Christmas time with all the meals out and presents to buy) and also because, again, I was saving room for all of the meat. I decided to just stick with water and was quite surprised when the waitress informed us that even “still” water had price attached to it, as they had recently acquired a new, fancy water filtration system. We asked if they couldn’t just give us tap water… but apparently Pampa does not have any taps. It’s not that I can’t afford $2 for water, but I guess it’s more the principle of it. When I’m paying that much for dinner I would think you could at least give me my water for free… but, I digress.

At Pampa, for the price of dinner, you get unlimited access to the salad bar and to all of the skewers of meat being circulated around the restaurant. Pampa’s salad bar is very well stocked with lots of different salads, vegetables, some breads and few other warm foods, such as rice. I didn’t take too much at the salad bar, just a bit of the delicious foccacia bread, some spinach and a few spears of asparagus, (mostly to impress my friend Lana, did it work Lan?) so I could save room for the main event.

Salad Bar
Salad Bar

I had intended to take pictures of each of the 11 cuts of meat that were being circulated, but they started to bring the food out so furiously that I very quickly lost track of what was what, what I had tried… and my plate started to look pretty non-photogenic. So ya, that didn’t happen.

Round 1 - salad bar and chicken
Round 1 – salad bar and chicken
Meat accumulating faster than I can eat it
Meat accumulating faster than I can eat it

I really enjoyed the parmesan crusted pork. The pork was nice and juicy and the parmesan crust added a nice salty, flavour.

Parmesan crusted pork
Parmesan crusted pork

I also really enjoyed the wild boar, I think maybe it might have been special for Christmas time as I have never seen it served there before. It was served with some sort of berry jelly, which really made the meat something special. I am not usually a fan of “sweet and meat” (keep cranberry jelly away from my turkey), but this time… I really liked it! No picture. šŸ˜¦

In general, I seemed to prefer the pork and chicken items better than the beef, but I did really like one of the cuts of beef they brought around. I am not 100% sure which one it was, I think the top sirloin. But, the meat was so juicy and tender it seemed to melt in your mouth. Yum.


It was strange, after eating all of that meat everyone seemed to get a little punchy and silly. It was almost like we were drunk… but meat drunk (hence the title). Guess that means I have a meat hangover today.

I had a really nice time at Pampa, but most of that was due to the people I was with. The food was good, but I think for the price, it’s a once a year kind of place and probably only if I had friends or family that really wanted to go.

Happy Friday!


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