Happy New Year

With the New Year just around the corner I thought now would be a good time to reflect a little on Life is Better Red’s first 6 months of existence. My first post was on July 1st, Canada Day, so I guess technically January 1st will be my blog’s “half birthday.”

I am actually pretty proud of myself. I’d had this blog in mind for a while and put it on my list of things I would start once I was completely finished all of my schooling. Although my posting wasn’t always that consistent (year-end, what’s an accountant to do?) I’m happy to say that I have written 47 posts, including this one, over the last 6 months. That’s 7.8 posts a month! Not too bad, hey?

For the most part I’ve had a lot of fun writing out my posts, although occasionally it has been challenging to get myself in front of the computer after a long day of work. I had even more fun going out with my friends and family to gather “content” for my blog and making all of the delicious recipes I’ve shared. I’d like to think my writing has even improved a little since the beginning and hopefully the pictures too… although, I am thinking a new camera might be a good investment for 2013 to make my posts look even better.

Fireworks over Edmonton
Fireworks over Edmonton

I don’t like to share too much of my personal life on-line but, as silly as it sounds, this blog helped me through a very rough time in my life. I went through a very major personal “shake-up” at the end of July and for a little while one of the reasons I’d actually get out of the house and/or eat was because I knew that I had a blog that I had committed to put content on. Since then I have had so many fun, new and wonderful experiences with family and friends, new and old, and I’ve been able to chronicle some of them on my blog. I think that’s pretty great.

For me, 2012 has been a year of major, major change and huge, personal growth. In some ways I am sad to say good-bye to 2012, it sort of feels like closing a chapter of my life. At the same time though, the beauty of a new year is that it’s an opportunity to start another chapter, something new and better.

2013 is looking to be an amazing year. I’ve done my best to set myself up for a lot of wonderful things and success to come my way (fingers crossed). Things are really great at work. I’m going to be sitting on a Board of Directors for a local not-for-profit. There are likely to be a few floor hockey and/or dodge ball games in the near future, which probably also means sketchy pub nights. There are lots of great new restaurants that have opened up in Edmonton  (Canteen and Three Boars, just to name a few) that I am dying to try out with my friends, family or work “dinner club“. I’ve got a trip planned in late winter to go to Arizona with Nick, to visit Lauren, and fingers crossed we are also going to go to Disney Land. So I’ll be taking Life is Better Red on the road… woohoo!

I’m also hoping to move out sometime during 2013, which is very bitter-sweet. I’m excited at the prospect of owning my own place and “making it on my own” but it will also be really hard to leave my parents. They are so wonderful and I really do love spending time with them. No need to worry though, mom and dad, I’m sure I’ll be back at home often. After all, I owe my skill and love of cooking to my mom, so I am sure I’ll be back in her kitchen whipping up something delicious with her. But… hopefully you’ll also see some pictures with a new kitchen in the background in 2013, my kitchen!

I have a few blog related goals for 2013. As I said before, I’d like to work on posting some better pictures to go along with posts. So I think I will be looking into purchasing a new camera. Luckily, Nick knows a lot about cameras and just taking great photographs in general, so he has kindly offered to help me out. Also, I’d like to get my blog a little more ingrained into the local Edmonton food blogging scene.

I hope you have enjoyed Life is Better Red so far. I’m always open to suggestions or constructive criticism to make my blog better in any way. So please, always feel free to comment.

All the best in 2013, let’s hope it’s a year full of good food, great friends, family, love, laughter, lots of fun and most important, happiness! See ya next year!

Happy New Year!

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Gandhi


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