Burger Eating Out Edmonton Sunday Dinner

Delux Burger Bar

Delux Burger Bar (Magrath)
14111 23 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
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Like a lot of families, my family always try to ensure that we have one night of the week where we have a family dinner together. For a lot of people I know it’s Sunday night dinner and for some of my friends it’s Friday night dinner; we fall into the Sunday night category. A few weeks ago, my brother was out-of-town on a ski trip and neither my mom, dad or I felt like cooking, so we decided to try out the new Delux Burger Bar in Magrath.

Delux is probably my favourite restaurant in the Century Hospitality Group. I have found that some of the other Century restaurants that I have been to seem to charge a lot for kinda so-so food. Although Delux does charge more for a burger than a lot of other places, the prices aren’t unreasonable and the burgers and fries are always pretty tasty. Plus, I really like the atmosphere of Delux, it’s always a fun place to go!

The Delux in Magrath had been open for maybe a month when we visited. We decided to head over at 5:30, hoping to beat the 6:00 dinner rush, however we surprised to see that the little foyer in the front of the restaurant was already packed when we arrived. We were told that the wait would only be about 15 or 20 minutes, so we decided to stick it out. After about 20 minutes we were seated and ready to eat.


Delux has a really great drink menu, with a ton of different beers from all over the world. Unfortunately, I really don’t like beer, but I do enjoy a cider now and then, so I opted for a glass of Strongbow. It would be great to see maybe another more interesting cider on the menu, as Strongbow seems to be available in a lot of places these days.


After looking through the menu we decided that we would each get our own burger and then share a couple of the side items. You can choose to either go with one of the standard burgers on the menu or to create your own. I decided on the Grilled Chicken Burger from the menu, which was a blackened chicken breast, topped with caramelized onions, bacon, cheddar (which I excluded) and mayo on a fresh-baked bun.


As soon as the burgers came out the first thing my mom noticed was that the buns were actually cold to the touch. Not just room temperature, but actually cool. Not the end of the world, but it was a little strange. Kind of made me wonder if the bun really was “fresh-baked” as indicated on the menu. The rest of the chicken burger was really good, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The blackened chicken wasn’t too spicy and I really like the caramelized onions on the burger. Also, bacon– never a bad thing. The burger was a good enough size that I was able to save half for my lunch the next day.

Fries and onion rings

The 3 of us shared the Delux French Fries and Stella Artois Battered Onion Rings “a la carte” for our sides. The fries and onions rings are both really good; the portion size is big enough to share and I enjoy the aoili that is served with them. It has a nice little “zing” to it. The best thing about the sides “a la carte” though is that they are served in little shopping carts! So cute! I wonder where I could get some of those…

Cotton Candy

Another little detail that I really like at Delux is that they always bring out a little bit of cotton candy with the bill– so much better than a mint! I think it’s a really fun way to finish the meal and I would think it costs them next to nothing. It’s great!

We had a nice meal at Delux, nothing fancy, but just a good burger and fries in a nice atmosphere. I think this is a great addition to the neighborhood and I’m sure this location will do really well!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I haven’t been to this particular location; instead, last time I was in a Delux Burger was in WEM. Alas, I wasn’t really impressed with it. Reason? The patty was more on the lines of a meatloaf than ground beef (compare it to your burger cooking recipe some time ago), not to mention it didn’t feel “juicy”. I might give it a try and get back to you!

    As for the bun, it sounds disappointing. It is possible they are not bake in-house but bought from a local bakery. But, regardless, there would have been an easy solution: toast it before assembling the burger (just as you did, again in your burger recipe!).

  2. In general I don’t order hamburgers that often when I am eating out, as I often run into the same thing. I usually prefer a chicken burger, but only if it’s a chicken breast, not ground chicken.

    And yes, toasting would have been an easy and delicious solution to the cool bun.

    Thanks for your comments Kim!

  3. I agree with you both about the texture of the burgers. I find that most places compress the patties too much so they are easier to handle and don’t fall apart.

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