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Rethinking Tomatoes

For the longest time I have said “I don’t like tomatoes”… although I am beginning to think that might not be so true. I have always loved ketchup and tomato sauce (as long as there aren’t any chunks of course) but I would always say “no thanks” to fresh tomatoes.

But, it’s a little strange because I also love home-made fresh salsa and bruschetta which are both full of tomatoes. I just always thought “well, there is so much other ‘stuff’ in there, it’s not really tomatoes.” Uh… good try Robyn, not really.

So, it’s time for me to face the facts; I like fresh tomatoes.

This has lead me to try some new culinary delights, including the deliciously simple caprese salad I made a few weeks ago. After this wonderful self discovery I knew I just had to try fresh tomatoes on pizza. My parents have been eating fresh tomatoes on Boston Pizza’s Great White North pizza for pretty much ever (since way back when they started dating ;)) and whenever we would get that pizza I would always pick mine off and generously offer them to my dad. Well after a couple of fresh tomato on pizza experiences I’m sorry to tell you this Dad, but I am no longer going to be generous with my tomatoes, I am keeping them for myself.

Plato’s Steak and Pizza 
8514 109 Street
Edmonton, AB
Plato's Steak and Pizza on Urbanspoon

I recently joined the Board of the Friends Of Rutherford House Society and we held our last Board Meeting at Plato’s pizza near the U of A. Although I spent 5 years on campus I never made it in to Plato’s, so this was going to be my first time.

Plato’s really doesn’t look like much and the service wasn’t the best, but the pizza… it was pretty good. Typical, greasy, North American pizza. After a long day at work and a lengthy Board Meeting we all stayed for dinner. I decided to continue my new love affair with the tomato and try out a bacon and fresh tomato pizza.

The individual pizza was the perfect size for me, granted I was starving by the time we got to dinner. The pizza looked pretty good, although there was this one kind of weird end chunk of tomato thrown on the middle. Oh well, easy enough to scrape off. Turns out it was Canadian bacon on the pizza, not bacon-bacon, but that’s ok, the pizza was still delicious. Nothing fancy, but good, cheesy, crispy crust pizza.

Plato's PizzaAnd the tomato? A wonderful, fresh addition to the pizza.

Now, as luck would have it, I had pizza again last night. For the last few years my parents having been adding to their Great White North tradition by getting a heart shaped pizza from Boston Pizza for Valentine’s Day. So the time was right to finally try the Great White North pizza… with fresh tomato.

Heart Shaped PizzaWell, Mom and Dad, you were right. Fresh tomato is wonderful on the Great White North. It compliments the cheddar cheese really well and adds a freshness to the pizza. The only unfortunate thing was that the pizza was a little cold by the time it arrived at our house, so we had to warm it up in the oven. Not a big deal, but I find once you have to reheat pizza, even just a little, something about it changes.

Great White North

I find it very interesting to see how tastes and palates develop as we age. There are some foods I think I may never enjoy (sorry eggs), but I am glad I’ve opened up my eyes to the wonderful world of tomatoes.

Happy Friday!


  1. Can I ask why you do not like eggs? It is a really versatile ingredient! Hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, sunny-side up, scrambled, omelette, steamed, etc. etc. etc.! And that is if it is cooked by itself, as you might/will have eggs in a lot of dishes mixed up (specially baked goods). 🙂

    As for tomatoes, it is possible you haven’t had good tomatoes in early stages of your life; rather, you might have had those tasteless ones. Once summer hits, be sure to get some of the heirloom tomatoes in any of the markets. I am certain you won’t be disappointed!

  2. When I think of the hundreds of pounds of tomatoes that have come out of our garden in the last 30 years that you wouldn’t touch…. Now that your tomato taste buds are active, you can do a taste test blog on the varieties that I grow this year.
    Kim, I’ve grown several different kinds of heirloom tomatoes. It fascinating how different each is from the other, as well as how different they are from store varieties.
    The Gardener

  3. Hi Kim, it’s strange, I have never liked eggs, even as a baby apparently! I’m fine with them in baking or anything like that, but I think it is something about the texture of “plain eggs” that I just can’t get over. I really, really wish I did like them, like you said they are so versatile! Maybe one day.

    You bring up an excellent point about tomatoes and I am really looking forward to getting some beautiful heirloom tomatoes in the summer. Any foods you just can’t stomach?

  4. Brenda, that is true! Most people are used to a handful type of tomatoes: beefsteak, cherry, cocktail, grape, roma and the “on-the-vine” type. However, once you branch out of those, specially the heirloom ones, it is day and night. I don’t recall all the names but of the heirloom tomato can be fleshy, others can be juicy and so on. In summer, I like to get a mix of different types, slice them (in irregular ways) and then toss along with some kosher salt, pepper blend (white and black), olive oil and balsamic. Ah, couple of more months!

    Robyn, there are only a handful of things I do not eat. These are so unique that a lot of people won’t eat anyway, so, for the most part, I am excused on those. For some time, I didn’t like eggplant but I overgrew that quite quickly.

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