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When Nick and I planned to visit Lauren in Phoenix we realized that Disneyland really wouldn’t be THAT far away, so we decided the 3 of us would make a weekend trip to Disneyland. To avoid the cost and hassle of flying we opted to drive from Phoenix to Anaheim. The drive took about 5 hours both ways and it was pretty much a straight shot through the desert to get to LA, although there were a couple of interesting sights along the drive. We drove through Coachella, which hosts a music festival that I would love to attend one day… although this time, we only saw the Starbucks.

Enjoying an Iced Coffee in CoachellaAlso, it was pretty interesting to see all of the wind turbines as we were driving through the Palm Springs area. Apparently all of those wind turbines are a part of the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm. There were just so many of them!

Palm Springs Wind TurbinesThe worst part of the drive was that we ended up hitting LA traffic at about 5:30 pm on Friday, right in the middle of rush hour. That ended up adding about another hour onto our drive unfortunately, but with Disneyland in sight, how could we possibly be in a bad mood?

Although Disneyland is a theme park and not necessarily a “foodie” destination we did have a few great things to eat. We also had a few decent things to eat, a couple “meh” things to eat and one really bad thing to drink. I am mostly going to focus on the great things to eat, because really who wants to hear about so-so theme park food? I do have to give Disney props though, for trying to make their theme park food more exciting than just standard burgers and fries. Although the food wasn’t always the best, it was great to see so many different options.

Taking Food PicsFor this post, I am just going to focus on some of the delicious treats we enjoyed during our weekend in Disneyland!

Mickey Mouse Beignets

Because I am a bit of a Disney nerd and love to vacation plan, I spent some time checking out the menus for the different restaurants in Disneyland prior to our trip. I noticed that the Mint Julep Bar in Disneyland serves Mickey Mouse shaped Beignets. Friday night, after a long day of driving and going on a few rides we stopped to re-fuel with some Mint Juleps and Beignets.

Mint JulepI don’t even really want to talk about the Mint Juleps– they were THAT bad– but I will anyway, just to warn others away from them. If I had seen the toxic green coloured “beverage” that was being distributed from a fountain pop machine I probably would have decided against the Mint Julep, but alas, I did not. So, Nick and I ordered 2 Mint Juleps while Lauren more wisely opted for a hot chocolate.

The “Mint Julep” tasted like someone had mixed a huge amount of super sweet lime cordial and tooth paste into soda water and then added a bunch of green food colouring. And to top it off, Disneyland is a dry park, so there wasn’t even any booze in the drink to make it worth while. I ended up drinking about half of my Mint Julep with my nose plugged and then tossed the rest. Well, at least it was “only” $2.99.

Mickey Mouse BeignetThe Beignets, however, were delicious. We decided to get the 6 pack of Beignets, for $6.99, so we could each have 2. The Beignets were served hot in a paper bag filled with icing sugar. After shaking the bag to distribute the icing sugar we opened the bag to reveal large, Mickey Mouse shaped Beignets. Not only did the Beignets look cute though, they also tasted great. They were wonderful warm, crispy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. The perfect snack to keep us going late into the night!

Robyn and Beignets

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars

Mickey Ice Cream BarOne of my family’s (especially Nick’s) favourite treats at Disney are the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars. Sure, these treats are really just good quality ice cream bars; creamy, vanilla ice cream covered in rich milk chocolate… but they are in the shape of Mickey Mouse! Somehow, that just makes them taste even better and at about $3.89 a bar, the price really isn’t too bad! This ice cream treat is a must do, especially on a hot day like we had on Saturday in California Adventure.

Nick enjoying a Mickey Bar

Dole Whip

Dole WhipDole Whip is a pineapple flavoured soft serve dessert that is available in only a select few locations. Until recently I believe you could only really get a “real” Dole Whip from Disneyland, Disney World and, of course, the Dole plantation in Hawaii. I read on Wikipedia, which is clearly the “best” source for accurate information, that Dole Whips have started to be offered in more locations, but for now I get my Dole Whip fix whenever I am in a Disney Park.

Enjoying our Dole WhipThe line up to get a Dole Whip is almost always insane, I think we waited for at least 20 minutes. The wait and price, $3.69, was worth it though because the Dole Whip was delicious. It was about 2:00 pm and the sun was starting to come out in full force so a tangy, refreshing, icy cold treat was just perfect!

in DisneylandThanks to Nick for taking so many great pictures will we were in Disneyland. Some of the pictures are mine, but many (the better ones) are Nick’s. Thanks!

Happy Tuesday!


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