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The Greene House

The Greene House
15024 N Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ
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Before heading down to Phoenix, I asked some of my friends who have recently been down there if they had any restaurant recommendations. Almost everyone I talked to suggested that I should make sure I visited one of the restaurants in the Fox Restaurant Concepts Group. Fox Restaurant Concepts is an Arizona based restaurant group that is focused on creating innovative dining experiences. Founded by Sam Fox in 1998, Fox RC has expanded from their first restaurant in Tucson to now having over 30 different locations across Arizona and various other states.

Shopping at Kierland Commons

After looking through the website, checking out various reviews and figuring out where I wanted to do some shopping, (ummm… West Elm) we decided we were going to try out The Greene House in Scottsdale. The Greene House is in Kierland Commons, an absolutely beautiful outdoor “lifestyle” centre made up of many different awesome shops, restaurants and some residential units. I could have spent a lot of time (and money) there!

The Greene House

When we arrived at the restaurant we considered sitting on the patio, but thought it would likely be a little too cold to sit outside. It worked out really well though, because although we ended up sitting inside, there really wasn’t a wall or door or anything between the patio and the inside dining room, so it was sort of like we were outside!

Greene House Menu

After looking over the drink menu, rather than getting a glass of wine as Lauren and Nick both did, I decided to get the GH Mojito, a blend of Cruzan Rum, Chambord, raspberries, blackberries and mint ($9). The mojito was great, I really liked the flavour the berries added to it and I found the drink very refreshing.


Before our entrées came out, our server brought out some delicious buns and butter. There were two types of buns; cheese bread and a dark, mollassesy bread (it reminded me of the Bushman Bread at the Outback). Both were very good, but I think I was partial to the dark bun, I just loved the depth of flavour the molasses added.

Buns and Butter

Soon after we finished chowing down on the bread, our entrées came out. Both Nick and I ordered the Ricotta Gnocchi with smoked bacon, brussel sprouts, butternut squash and mushrooms ($15), although I ordered mine without mushrooms. Lauren opted for the Atlantic Salmon with beets, fingerling potatoes, horseradish vinaigrette and sherry jus ($21).


Both Nick and I were very pleased with the gnocchi. The gnocchi was perfectly, pillowly soft and the brussel sprouts, squash and bacon all complimented it perfectly. To me, the dish tasted like autumn on a plate.

Gnocchi without Mushrooms

Lauren also really enjoyed her salmon. The salmon was fairly simply seasoned, but had a nice crisp outside while being soft and flakey on the inside. Lauren said she also really liked the greens and potatoes that were served with the salmon. Simple, good food– prepared expertly.


For dessert, the three of us decided to share the Pineapple Rum Cake with vanilla bean gelato ($7) after seeing a plate of it go by when we were being seated. The cake was very moist and had a delicious vanilla-rum flavour. I wouldn’t say that I tasted a lot of pineapple in the cake, but either way, it was very tasty and I would recommend it for a delicious after dinner treat.

Pineapple Rum Cake

I really enjoyed my experience at The Greene House; Fox RC you have won me over! The food was delicious and the portion sizes were just right. I found that some restaurants in the US give the most ridiculously huge portions, which I really don’t like. Give me a smaller portion of higher quality food any day!

Happy (Easter) Monday!


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