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Three Boars Eatery

Three Boars Eatery
8424 109 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
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One of my favourite things about going out to eat, beyond just eating delicious food, is that it provides an opportunity to go out with friends and catch up. It’s especially fun to go out and try new foods and restaurants with friends who are fellow “foodies” that enjoy a great dining experience just as much as I do. As long as they can live with me taking a few minutes to take pictures of the food… then we are all good. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to try the Three Boars Eatery for a while now, especially during the winter when Knifewear, a knife store from Calgary, was hosting a pop-up store there. The timing never quite worked out for me to get there during the winter, but a little while ago, my friend and fellow food lover, Rahul, and I, met up there for an awesome dinner.

The restaurant really has a pretty cool vibe; it feels casual, but trendy at the same time. The Three Boars’ menu is made up of a bunch of different locally inspired, small plates that are always changing. We decided to order a few different items off of the menu and share everything. At the time of ordering it seemed like it was going to be way too much food, but we seemed to power through pretty much everything no problem.

Bison Tartar

The first item that came out was the bison tartar. The presentation was gorgeous; the bright red bison was mixed with purple onions and topped with bright green leaves and a beautiful purple pansy. It looked like springtime on a plate to me, which feels like a really weird thing to say about raw meat. Luckily, the tartar tasted as good as it looked. I really loved the contrast of the onion and crispy bread crumbs with the bison. (As I am writing this, I realize now that although the ever changing menu is fantastic in many ways, it’s a bad thing when you forget to take a picture of the menu and can’t go back to the restaurant’s website to check exactly what it was that you ate… whoops, my bad!)


Next, the lamb meat balls with cabbage, raisins and lentils came out. I don’t remember what type of sauce was on the lamb or exactly what else was in the dish (again, kicking myself for not taking a picture of the menu) but it was delicious. The lamb was so mild and juicy and really played nicely with all of the other ingredients .

Pork Belly

Then, we had the miso glazed pork belly. The pork belly was very tender and flavourful without seeming overly fatty or greasy. I really liked how the miso accented the pork belly, without over-powering it.


Next, we were brought out another pork dish that I am pretty sure we didn’t order. I didn’t hear what the waitress said it was, other than pork, but it was quite good. The presentation was beautiful and I thought the pork paired really nicely with the grainy mustard.

Brussel Sprouts

Then, the brussel sprouts. I have been really enjoying brussel sprouts lately and these ones were no exception. These brussel sprouts retained the perfect amount of their crisp “freshness” on the inside, while also getting a wonderful crispy, caramelization on the outside. Who would have thought that brussel sprouts could taste so good?

Whoopie Pies

Last, but not least, dessert. The dessert for the day was home-made whoopie pies. Deliciously chewy, dark chocolate cookies with some sort of wonderful, vanilla cream in the centre. Although dessert was wonderful, we both agreed it would have been even better if the filling had been ice cream. Personally, I think ice cream makes everything better.

I was really impressed with the food at Three Boars Eatery. Not only did each and every plate look beautiful, but they all tasted just as good as they looked. Without question, my favourite was the bison tartar, I think I could very happily eat that dish quite a few more times.

I’ve been told that their patio is a pretty awesome place to catch up with friends while enjoying great food and drinks. If today is any indication it looks like spring has finally arrived in Edmonton, so patio weather has arrived!

Happy Saturday!


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