Eating Out Edmonton Japanese

Izakaya Tomo

Izakaya Tomo
3739 99th Street NW
Edmonton, AB
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I have heard nothing but good things about Izakaya Tomo since it opened earlier this year. I have been wanting to go for a while and finally got there a few weeks ago with a small group of friends.

Izakaya Tomo

Izakaya Tomo is a little bit off the beaten path, but it is definitely worth the trip. Like a lot of restaurants these days, the concept seems to revolve around sharing, which really is a lot more fun since you get to try a lot more food! The menu is a little daunting, because there is so much on it; lots of items I was familiar with and many that I wasn’t.

There were 5 of us out for dinner, but I ended up sharing mostly with Irene. Sometimes I find that when you have too many people sharing it can be a little hard to determine who wants what, who likes what and how you are going to split everything, but maybe that is just part of the ‘fun’? 🙂

Green Tea

We each started with a mug of green tea. I really loved the green tea here, it had a really nice toasted rice flavour to it.

Edamame Beans

Next up came out the Yaki Edamame, which were grilled, salted and very delicious. I wouldn’t say I am typically a big bean fan, but I really enjoyed these edamame.

Chicken Kara Age

The Chicken Kara Age, which is deep fried chicken that has been marinated in ginger and soy, was excellent. Any sort of deep fried chicken is almost always delicious, but I really enjoyed the flavour that the ginger and soy gave the chicken.

Beef Tataki

The Beef Tataki came out next. The beef was seared and then thinly sliced and served with butter ponzu sauce. I really enjoyed the citrusy flavour of the ponzu with the thinly sliced beef. The beef was still a little warm from being seared, which made this beef tataki a little different than other versions I have tried, but I still really enjoyed this dish.

Crispy Spicy Tuna

Next up the Crispy Spicy Tuna Roll, which, just as it sounds, was a lightly deep fried spicy tuna roll. Can’t go wrong there… yum!

Tonpei Yaki

Another dish that was ordered was the Tonpei Yaki, which is shaved pork and cabbage, under a fried egg and then topped with “famous okonomi” sauce. I am not a big egg eater, so I didn’t really have any of this dish, but those who did try it, really, really liked it.

Salmon Cone

Carbonara Udon


A few other dishes that were ordered by others at the table were the Salmon Cone, Carbona Udon and Tuna Tartar. All were thoroughly enjoyed.

Matcha Creme Brulee

Last up… dessert. Ben, who had been to Izakaya Tomo before, said that the Matcha Creme Brûlée was awesome, so I ordered one for myself for dessert. Although the matcha powder kind of made the creme brûlée look like it had mould growing on it, Ben was right, the dessert was really delicious. The creme brûlée would have been good by itself, the custard was perfect and the crispy sugar topping was excellent, but the addition of the green tea matcha powder put this creme brûlée over the top.

We all really enjoyed our meal at Izakaya Tomo. It was great to get to try so many different, delicious dishes and there are definitely a bunch more items on the menu I want to go back to try. I just wish that they were open for lunch as it’s fairly close to where I work!

Happy Monday!

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