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Blue Plate Diner

Blue Plate Diner
10145 104 Street
Edmonton, AB
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Edmonton has been hit by a heat wave! This weekend the weather was right around the the 30 degree mark and today it felt like about 40 degrees with the humidity! In Edmonton… it’s crazy! On a day like today nothing tastes better than an ice cold drink, especially a cold and creamy milkshake, (but I’ll save that for another post, where, *hint*, there is going to be a giveaway) to stay cool. One of the only down sides to this super hot weather is that it has thrown a bit of a kink in my running schedule. I typically like to go for a run right after work at about 5:00, but with this weather, it’s still way too hot to run outside at that time of day. So, I’ve been running on the treadmill at the gym at work instead. It’s really not a huge issue, but it is a lot more enjoyable to be outside.

One of the best things about warm summer days is that they are perfect for going out to enjoy one of Edmonton’s many farmers markets. Currently, my favourite market is the City Market Downtown on 104th Street. I love the atmosphere and size of this market, and looking in at all of the little shops along 104th street. This past weekend Nick, Lauren and I, headed down to the City Market to peruse the vendors while soaking up the beautiful warm summer sun. After looking through the market we thought we’d charge ourselves up with a some brunch, so we made our way to Blue Plate Diner for some food.

Nick and Lauren

I’ve only been to the Blue Plate Diner once before, and that was for dinner, so brunch was going to be a new experience for me. To be honest, I am not the biggest brunch fan. I don’t like eggs and other breakfast foods just aren’t my favourite. I’d rather have dinner food over breakfast food almost any day. So, I guess, keep in mind I was going into this brunch with a bit of a bias already.

Blue Plate Diner

The inside of the restaurant was really cute with all sorts of different mismatched décor. We had a fun, retro lamp on our table, which provided the slightly odd yellowish hue to some of the pictures. The restaurant was quite busy; there were lots of groups friends, families and couples and everyone seemed to be a great mood. But, how could you not be after strolling around the wonderful market in the warmth of the sun?

Robyn at the Blue Plate Diner

Although we are all usually coffee drinkers, we all opted for something cool to drink instead. Although the glass of Sangria I saw certainly looked tempting, I decided on a refreshing glass of sparkling cranberry juice, while Lauren got some orange juice and Nick chose cranberry juice.

Cold Drinks

After looking through the menu we decided that while we were hungry, we weren’t ridiculously hungry so we all decided on smaller orders. I ended up ordering a couple of side items; the maple glazed cornbread and 2 pieces of bacon. The cornbread was awesome. It was sweet, but not too sweet, warm and very moist. It was a nice change from the typical pancakes, waffles or hash browns, so I was very pleased with my selection. The bacon was also really good, nothing crazy, just a couple of pieces of meaty, well cooked bacon.

Corn Bread and Bacon

Nick decided on the small pancake breakfast which consisted of a pancake, one strip of bacon, and one egg. It looked pretty funny on the plate, just because there wasn’t a ton of food, but Nick said it was really just as much as he wanted.

Pancake, poached egg and bacon

Lauren, similarly decided on the Small Blue Plate Breakfast. Her breakfast included some toast, an egg, a strip of bacon and small fruit salad. Again, although it didn’t look like much on the plate, it was the perfect amount of food.

Toast, bacon, fruit and poached egg

To me, the stand out of the breakfast was the cornbread, because that isn’t something I would necessarily whip up for breakfast just any time, so there was something special about it. The other items, while very good, we all agreed we probably could have made them just as well, or maybe even better (to our own tastes), at home. The food was good and we all really enjoyed ourselves, but I wouldn’t say the meal was a knock-out, “must come back here” breakfast. I think it had a lot to do with our fairly simple menu choices, had we maybe ordered a fancy Eggs Benedict or French Toast, I think we would have felt differently.

Either way, we had a nice time and if I was hungry for breakfast while in the area I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to go back to the Blue Plate Dinner, especially for the cornbread!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful warm weather in Edmonton,  make sure to stay well hydrated and wear your sunscreen (and maybe a hat and sunglasses if you are super pale like me :))!

Happy Tuesday!

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