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There are a lot of positive things about not working downtown. I don’t have to fight traffic in the morning and on the way home. I don’t have to pay for parking. My commute is fairly short. I’m not tempted by all of the stores, restaurants and food trucks nearby… wait a minute… that might not be a good thing! Ok, well it’s actually good for my pocket book, but I definitely miss being within walking distance of great food! Sorry Timmy’s, you don’t count!


I’m lucky enough to have flex time in my current position, meaning that I get a Friday afternoon off every once in a while. I haven’t eaten at nearly as many food trucks as I would like to, so a couple of weeks ago I met up with my friends Sayyad and Tom, to grab a sandwich at Drift Food Truck. That day, Drift was located along 107 street, just off of Jasper Ave, right alongside the wonderful book store, Audrey’s. We were able to get there a little bit before noon, which was great, as we beat a lot of the downtown lunch crowd.

Drift always has Jerk Chicken, Pork Belly and Roast Beef Sandwiches on the menu and then adds a weekly vegetarian and carnivore special. As well, there are house cut fries seasoned with a special Drift seasoning, served with home made ketchup and then various cookies made by Gourmet Girl Cookies.

I had the Jerk Chicken Sandwich the last time I was at Drift and this time opted for the carnivore special, Bulgogi Marinated Flank Steak with bean sprouts and kimchi. I also ordered some fries for us to share.

We only waited about 10 minutes for out food and once it was ready we crossed the street and sat on a little ledge to enjoy our meal.

Bulgogi Flank Steak Sandwich

My sandwich was pretty good. It tasted like Koren food in a bun essentially. Perhaps the kimchi was a little over powering (and drippy) but overall it was quite tasty. The sandwich was a pretty good size, quite large and probably more than I could eat. Although I enjoyed my sandwich, I think I would either go back to the jerk chicken or try out the pork belly next time.

Drift Fries

I really enjoyed the fries and house made ketchup. The fries has a wonderfully, flavourful and unique seasoning on them. I think there was actually some anise in the blend, which give the fries an interesting hint of liquorice. I also really liked the ketchup, it didn’t just taste sugary and sort of tomatoey, like Heinz, instead you could taste all of the different spices. It has great depth of flavour.

Pork Belly Sandwich

Sayyad and Tom both tried the pork belly sandwiches. They said the flavour and texture of the sandwich was reminiscent of a Vietnamese sub, however the pork belly wasn’t quite as flavourful as they expected it to be.

Sayyad and Tom

It was really fun to get out of the south side and visit Drift for lunch downtown. We all thought the sandwiches were pretty good and I really liked the house cut fries and homemade ketchup. However, the sandwiches weren’t so good that I won’t be trying out any of the other new food trucks that have popped up around Edmonton. I’ll always have a soft spot for Drift though, because I think they really paved the way for the food truck revolution in Edmonton… and they make a pretty reliable sandwich.

Happy Sunday!


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