Eating Out Edmonton Mexican

TGIM at Earls

11830 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB
Earls Tin Palace on Urbanspoon

Earls is one of those stand-by restaurants that you know you can always count on. There is bound to be something on the menu that will satisfy any palate and the prices are pretty reasonable. Earls was actually founded in Edmonton way back in 1982 and now has expanded across Western Canada, Ontario and into some of the US States. Talk about a local success story!

Although I love trying all of the new restaurants popping up all over Edmonton, I also have a soft spot for Earls. I know that might sound funny, but I have so many food related memories there! From going for dessert after each of my dance recitals, to the after party for my high school convocation, to many a dinner and lunch with boyfriends, girlfriends and family; Earls and I are pretty well acquainted.

It’s been nice to see that Earls has also taken a proactive approach to updating their menu and continually giving people a reason to come back, whether its for something that seems to have been on the menu forever (hello Caesar salad and clam chowder) or to try something new and interesting. It’s also great to see that Earls has recently added brunch.

During the summer (and I believe until the end of September), Earls has been running something called TGIM or Thank Goodness it’s Monday, where margaritas, Coronas, guacamole and chicken tacos are all on special for $5 each. A few weeks ago, on one of the lovely holiday Mondays this summer, I met up with my friend Lana for TGIM on the Earls Jasper Ave patio.

MargaritaWe each started out with a $5 margarita; Lana opted for raspberry, while I chose mango. The margaritas were wonderfully fruity and perfect to sip on while enjoying dinner on the patio.

Guacamole and ChipsNext we ordered some of the “secret” guacamole for another $5. The guacamole isn’t on the menu, so apparently that is what makes it a “secret” however the waitress did mention it to us, so I guess it wasn’t that big of a secret. πŸ˜‰ The guacamole was prepared table side, which is cute in theory, but slightly awkward in practice. I guess the nice thing is that we could see that the guacamole was indeed super fresh. The guacamole was nice and chunky with avocado (of course), tomato, jalapeno, onions and some other seasonings. Fresh and delicious!

GuacamoleThe guacamole was served with some chips that tasted as if they were fresh out of the fryer. Very tasty!

ChipsNext up, we each ordered a chicken taco, again at $5 each. The tacos were served in a grilled white corn tortilla and filled with spiced tomato poached chicken, cheddar and jalapeno jack cheese, shredded lettuce, chopped cilantro and salsa picante. These tacos were super flavourful, very filling and also really quite delicious. Since we knew that we wanted to get dessert, one was just the right amount for each of us.

Chicken TacosLast up, we decided to split the Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding, which is a warm rich chocolate cake topped with chocolate and toffee sauces and served with vanilla bean gelato for $8. The dessert was extremely decadent and more than enough for the both of us.

Sticky Chocolate CakeWe both really enjoyed ourselves and were thanking goodness that it was Monday. Sitting on a patio, soaking in the summer sun with a good friend, while enjoying a frosty drink and yummy food certainly is the way to make a Monday pretty darn good. I hope TGIM is back next summer!

Happy Thursday!


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