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Good Fashion Shouldn’t Hurt

As I mentioned in a previous post, the ladies at Bouquet of Frocks had asked me to do a guest post for them and my post is now up on their blog! You can check it out here. It was quite the adventure getting these pictures; usually my blog just requires me to cook in my kitchen or sit and eat! So, here are a few lessons I learned from my first foray into the world of fashion blogging:

1. If you feel nervous and stupid while getting your pictures taken, you will look nervous and stupid in your pictures. For example, wandering aimlessly down a path with a goofy smile on your face will result in ridiculous pictures. Be confident and the results will look a lot better.

2. Don’t wear your fashionable boots that aren’t really meant for wearing on a 2 hour walk. You will get blisters and end up running 3.5 kms through neighbourhoods, in your bare feet, like a crazy person.

3. Don’t run through a recently aerated field in your bare feet in October weather. Those little pieces of dirt are quite hard and hurt like nobody’s business.

4. When in doubt harness your inner Tyra Banks.

For Bouquet of Frocks

Although my blisters are still healing, I had a lot of fun doing the pictures for this post and I think we ended up getting some pretty decent pictures in the process. Thanks again to Debbie and Jackie for the opportunity to write a guest post! And thanks to my brother,Nick, for taking these pictures and not making too, too much fun of me. 🙂


Now, this whole boot incident got me thinking about shoes and how hard it can be to find a great pair of fashionable shoes that also fit perfectly and don’t end up causing injury or blood shed. I mean, that’s not too much to ask for, is it? Well, enter Poppy Barley. A local, Edmonton based company that makes fashionable flats and boots, made to measure.

I actually have a pretty hard time finding shoes that fit me properly. Like the rest of me, my feet are are long and very narrow. The last time I got them measured I was told they were quadruple A, which is pretty much as narrow as you can get on the shoe width scale. Most shoes are made for people with wider feet than I have, so often flats have to be a little too tight in order to stay on my feet or other shoes, such as my brown ankle boots, end up rubbing because my heels seem to be too narrow! And then knee high boots are even harder to fit because I also have quite narrow calves, so the boots end up gaping around my calf. It’s not easy finding shoes for these feet!

Every couple of weeks I check out the Poppy Barley site and enviously admire all of the different flats and boots. Not only are these shoes custom fit, but they are always on trend. Although I am still saving to make my first purchase, my mom was recently measured for a pair of boots and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Poppy Barley recently put out the call for Brand Ambassadors and I have submitted my application! As someone with my own unique fit issues, I think it’s great that there is company that has found a fashionable solution. Whether I’m walking through the river valley, on my way to barre class, going shopping down 104th street, heading to work, going for dinner at a new restaurant or on my way to a board meeting, I know important it is to have a pair of comfortable, fashionable shoes that fit. Also, as a proud Edmontonian, I couldn’t be happier to share this local success story.

Now, clearly, I really need to invest in a pair of fashionable, comfortable , made-to-measure Poppy Barley shoes.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think it looks more like an inner Gisele than Tyra, but I have to say that you look fierce. Your feet have been hard to fit from your first pair of shoes. I think that you would be a perfect Poppy Barley Ambassador.

  2. Cool! I like the idea of custom made shoes, being that my feet too tend to be very hard to fit too. Narrow through the foot and a narrow heel means just about everything will slide right off, laces or not. I like that it’s a local Edmonton start-up as well! Too bad they don’t do any mens shoes and boots!

    1. Yes, I agree it’s a great idea and so nice to see a successful local company too! That would be great if they move into menswear sometime soon.

  3. If they are successful enough I bet they branch into men’s shoes too. I’m really excited about my boots and can’t wait to see them. Should be here before Christmas .

  4. I’m really curious to hear what your mom thinks of her new boots as I also have the worst trouble finding fashionable shoes that fit my feet properly and are comfortable! May be something I need to start saving for as well…. Loved the video you included too!

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