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Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant
4121 106 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
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Well, friends, it’s official. After 25 years as a West End-er, I’m now a South Central-er. I don’t think people even say that, but whatever, I’m making it a thing. 🙂

There a lot of great things about my new home (location, location, location) but one of the best is that there are so many new restaurants, cafes and stores to explore! A few weeks ago, before spending another evening shopping for stuff for my condo, I hit up Yokozuna in Whitemud Crossing for some delicious Japanese food. One of my wonderful, long-time friends, Jenn, (who is also now pretty much a neighbour, wahoo!) recommended Yokozuna to me. She said the food was good and that the restaurant was surprisingly posh inside. You wouldn’t really know it from the outside, but Yokozuna recently underwent extensive renovations and it looks great. Very, sleek and modern, but still warm and inviting.

I made reservations for 6:30 and was happy to see that the restaurant was bustling. It appears to be a neighbourfood favourite with lots of families, couples, friends and groups coming and going, and there also seemed to be a lot of people picking up take-out.

We started off with some green tea, that was served in a coffee press. I don’t think I have ever seen that before, but it makes perfect sense. The green tea served at Yokozuna was delicious and set the tone for the wonderful meal to come.

photo 1After looking over the menu we decided to share a few items, we ended up getting more food than we needed, but it was hard to narrow down what we wanted (plus I always find sushi SO filling). We  started off by sharing the Beef Tataki ($10) which was thinly sliced pieces of AAA Beef, topped with momiji, green onion and ponzu. The tataki was delicious and we devoured the entire plate in a matter of minutes. I wasn’t sure what momiji was, it tasted like some sorted of shaved radish, but it worked well on the Tataki. I just looked up Momiji on trusty Wikipedia and turns out it is a tree native to Japan, often called a Japanese Maple. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the post about Momiji’s culinary uses…hmm.. oh well, tasted good!

photo 5Next, we shared an order of Vegetable Tempura ($13) which was made up of a large selection of seasonal vegetables. I thought the Tempura was delicious, as Tempura always is, however it seemed just ever so slightly undercooked. The batter was a little paler and less crispy than I am used to, but it was still quite tasty.

photo 3

photo 1 (2)Next came out the sushi. We ordered some Tamago, which I wouldn’t touch, as I hate eggs, but I was told it was some of the best Tamago ever. Then we shared some Tekka Maki ($4.5) and Sake Maki ($4.5). Both tasted very fresh and the rice was the perfect texture and very nicely seasoned.

photo 4 (1)

photo 5 (1)We had a really lovely meal at Yokozuna. The service was excellent, the food was very tasty and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. It’s always so great to see a local restaurant thriving. I am sure Yokozuna will soon become one of my go-to favourites in my new neighbourhood.

Happy Thursday!


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