12 Posts of Christmas Treats

12 Posts of Christmas – Ganong Chocolates & a Delicious Giveaway

Last week, I was invited to a chocolate tasting event by the awesome people at Ganong, hosted at Characters restaurant in downtown Edmonton. Ganong is a Canada’s oldest chocolate company and has been producing chocolate since 1873, meaning that they are celebrating their 140th birthday this year, which is pretty impressive.

Ganong ChocolatesAt the event we had the opportunity to try all sorts of the delicious chocolates that Ganong creates, from truffles to cashew clusters to the famous “chicken bones”. I had actually never heard of a chicken bone before, but they are a very delicious, but polarizing treat. A chicken bone has semi-sweet chocolate core inside of a hard cinnamon candy shell. I actually quite enjoyed my first chicken bone, I thought the semi sweet chocolate and spicy cinnamon played really well together.

Ganong Chicken Bones

Lana enjoying some Chicken BonesWe were also treated to the inaugural Chicken Bone Martini, which was a deliciously creamy, chocolatey, cinammony martini with beautiful bits of the Ganong Chicken Bone decorating the martini glass like jewellery.

Chicken Bone Martini

Robyn enjoying a Chicken Bone Martini After trying way too many of the delicious chocolates, I think my favourites were the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Creams and Cashew Caramel Clusters, although, truthfully everything was wonderful.

Ganong ChocolatesWe also had the opportunity to meet many of the wonderful people at Ganong, including David Ganong, prior President and current Chairman of Ganong, and a 4th generation Ganong in the company. I think it’s really awesome to see a Canadian company that has been operating successfully for so many years and also actually produces their product right here in Canada.

To help celebrate their 140th anniversary, Ganong recently introduced new brands: Delecto, Fruitfull, Peanut Clusters and Pal-o-Mine. Each brand has colourful packaging that emphasizes the company’s rich Canadian heritage, incorporates real  photography, and proudly displays ‘Made in Canada’.

Ganong Gift Bag

Now, to get to the good part. Ganong generously gave me a bag full of the delicious chocolates and candy to give away! After all, it wouldn’t be very nice of me to rave about this chocolate and then not share! It is Christmas! Although, if you do win, nobody says you have to share your chocolates. 😉

There are a bunch of ways to enter this giveaway. Simply click on the link and you will be taken to the entry form. Please be advised that this contest is only open to Edmonton area resident and the contest closes Wednesday evening. Good luck!

Happy Sunday!


    1. Hi there Brenda. Did you ever find out where Ganong Chocolates are sold in Edmonton? We tried Safeway, Sobeys, Mac’s, Target, and Canadian Tire on or about Feb. 1, 2014. No luck. My daughter is trying to get some of these to do a presentation at school. Anyone else know?


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