12 Posts of Christmas

12 Posts of Christmas – Hillaby’s Tools for Cooks and a Giveaway!

Two weekends ago I was wreath shopping with my mom and I suggested that we check out the Enjoy Centre. Believe it or not I had never been out there before! It certainly isn’t close to me, but it’s still a bit surprising that I hadn’t checked it out yet. We wandered around looking at all of the Christmas decor and little shops and then something really grabbed my attention. Hillaby’s Tools for Cooks.

I walked into Hillaby’s and it was like a cook’s dream. The shop is filled with beautiful cooking supplies. You could probably find anything you desired; from colourful Kitchenaid Stand Mixers to a wide assortment of cooking utensils or gorgeous baking and serving dishes.

I ended up doing some of my Christmas shopping there, however seeing as it’s before Christmas… I can’t tell you what I got. If you have any cooks or foodies on your list, I can tell you that Hillaby’s is a great place to get some Christmas shopping done!

When I was in Hillaby’s I noticed that there was a sign indicating that they had just opened up a location in the Shoppes of Terwillegar Gardens (14251-23 avenue to be exact). As a south-centraler, I was very excited to hear about that as that location is SO much more convenient that making it all the way out to St. Albert.

Hillaby's under Construction

Hillaby's under Construction

So, I got in touch with Hillaby’s, to find out a little bit more about this wonderful new location. Right now, the Terwillegar location is just a pop-up version of the store. There are still, however, all sorts of wonderful kitchen tools, similar to the St. Albert location, to make your Christmas shopping easy. But, the most exciting thing, is that in early 2014 that location is going to expand into a full store complete with a demonstration kitchen. The store is not only going to be a cook’s paradise for the best kitchen tools, but the kitchen will host lessons, demonstrations and be available to book for private parties. Sounds pretty awesome to me! I know where I will be heading to pick up any last minute Christmas or hostess gifts and I absolutely can’t wait for the full store to open with the demonstration kitchen! I think that Hillaby’s is such a great addition to the south side.

As you can see from some of the construction photos, the space is already on it’s way to looking super cute.

Mugs and Hot Chocolate

Hillaby’s was also generous enough to provide me with a gift for my 12 Posts of Christmas for you, dear readers. Hillaby’s has put together a beautiful little Christmas gift of 4 Spode Christmas Tree mugs and swirly chocolate powder, which is perfect for a cold evening during the Holidays. You can enter to win 2 ways. First, like Hillaby’s on Facebook and leave a comment on this post letting me know you did so. Or enter to win by answering the following question in the comments section of this post:

What is the one kitchen tool you couldn’t live without?

For me, that’s a hard question, but it would probably have to be my chef’s knife.

Please note, the winner must be able to pick up the prize from either the St. Albert or Terwillegar Hillaby’s. Good luck! I’ll be randomly selecting a winner Monday.

Happy Friday!


  1. Just one!??? That’s too hard! I’m with you… but it would be my paring knife (and sharpener… can that come with it?)

  2. My big knife is pretty handy but I really like my little ceramic knife too. I wish it want quite so fragile. Someday I would like a Japanese knife.

  3. Does a microwave to reheat frozen dinner count??? 😀

    OK, seriously, if somebody would come and take all my utensils, I would fight to keep my knife.

    I might need to visit them, as there is something I have been looking locally but to no avail: a Baking Steel. As in that quarter inch slab of steel to put in the oven. If you have an idea of where to get it, please, do let me know!

    1. Kim, I agree with the knife! Can’t live without it. Regarding the steel, I am not sure if they have it or not, but they would absolutely be a great place to check. And I bet if they don’t have it they might know where to look to find one!

  4. It’s funny how my favourite tool changes over the years. At one point it was my Tupperware Quickshake that even went camping with me, Then there was my rotary grater or my hand mixer that came with a blender (loved that!). But for now, I think I’ll have to say it has to be my set of mixing bowls. I hunted for them for a long time and I love them! Along with your blog. Merry Christmas Robyn!

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