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Thai Kitchen #TKLucky7 Recipe Challenge

Thai food is one of my absolute favourite cuisines. I love creamy coconut rice, spicy Thai Pangang Curry and the zing and bite of Drunken Noodles. Although it’s fun to go out for Thai food, it’s also great that I can experiment and recreate some of my favourite recipes at home. The only problem is that it wasn’t always easy finding some of the necessary ingredients in my local grocery store. For the longest time I couldn’t find Red Thai Chili Paste… until the local Sobeys put up their big Thai Kitchen display and lo-and-behold— Thai Kitchen Red Chili Paste. I kid you not, I was so excited my mom literally gave a bottle of it when I moved out, so I’d have some on hand.

So, when the good people at Thai Kitchen got in touch, I was pretty stoked. I love the fact that they are making it easier for everyone and anyone to find the ingredients necessary to experiment with Thai cooking at home.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, 7 Celebrity Food Bloggers have been selected from 7 regions across Canada (Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver) to compete in a recipe challenge using Thai Kitchen products.

Each blogger has created 7 different, delicious dishes, which you can vote on. The final round, Canada Votes, will have the top 7 recipes, as voted on by the fans.

So what does this mean for you? Head on over to the Thai Kitchen website where you can vote for your favourite recipes to win some awesome prizes.

  • January 20 – January 26: Fan Votes- Vote for your favourite Thai Kitchen recipes by visiting the Celebrity Food Blogger’s Facebook Pages, which can be found on the Thai Kitchen website
  • January 31 – February 28: Canada Votes- Grand Prize voting starts on the Thai Kitchen website
  • March 24: Final Winner of the Thai Kitchen Recipe Challenge is announced

And what are these awesome prizes?

Fan Vote Prize (this week only):

Canada Vote Prizes are amazing, but you will have to follow my #TKLucky7 tweets to hear about them when the contest starts:

  • They are all valued over $1,000 each!

So not only do you have the opportunity to win some awesome prizes, but you will also get to check out all sorts of delicious looking recipes. There are so many great recipes posted, however, so it might be hard to pick a favourite…

I got in touch with Jo-Anna, from A Pretty Life In The Suburbs, a fellow Alberta food blogger and one the Celebrity Food Bloggers taking part in the challenge to ask her what her thoughts are on how having more access to ingredients from different ethnic cooking style has affected the home cook. 

She thought “that by giving every day home cooks easy access to simple-to-use ethnic cooking ingredients, it takes the mystery out of cooking up and serving exotic dishes to their family!  If it’s simple to use and easy to find, home cooks can serve up their favourite Thai dishes right at home!” I think she hit the nail on the head!

Thai Slider

Jo-Anna has created all sorts of delicious recipes for this challenge. Her Thai Pork Sliders with Red Curry Aioli looks especially tasty, I am going to have to try that one out for sure. 

Oh hey and be sure to check my recipe for delicious Thai Butternut Squash Soup!

Happy Monday!

*please note that this post is sponsored by Thai Kitchen, however I actually do love their products and have been using them for years*


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