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Andaz Maui
Wailea, Maui, HI
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I remember when one of the only reality TV shows on the Food Network was Iron Chef. And I don’t mean Iron Chef America, I am talking about the original Iron Chef from Japan that was aired with unintentionally hilarious voice-over English translations. It was here that Masarhu Morimoto was first introduced to North American audiences.

Ever since I heard about his restaurant in Honolulu, I knew I wanted to pay Morimoto a visit. And then when I heard that he had recently opened a new restaurant in Maui, literally next door to our condo, then I knew I had no excuse!

Robyn at MorimotoWe decided to visit Morimoto at the beautiful Andaz hotel for lunch on the day we flew out of Maui. It seemed like it would be a great way to finish off our amazing trip. And it really was. The hotel itself was pretty spectacular. The restaurant was gorgeous, it had a picture perfect beach view and top notch service. The food was was also pretty great.

View From MorimotoWould it be worth the dinner price tag? Hard to say. But for lunch, it was a lot of fun to visit Morimoto. A few of us had the sushi, which while good, although it wasn’t better than the sushi I had in Honolulu. And because there is just so much really good sushi in Hawaii, I don’t know that Morimoto would be my destination for sushi while in Hawaii. What we really, really enjoyed, however, were the delicious cocktails and all of the interesting fusion items on the menu. We thought those were all really unique and very tasty.


Lunch at MorimotoSo because I have been so bad about getting this posted, I can’t say many of the details are very fresh in my memory. I was also trying to soak in my last few hours in Maui, so I neglected to note many details during this lunch. So, instead, I’l just share some of the pictures I have along with what I can piece together.

(And I’m willing to bet that this will likely be enough to convince you to pay Morimoto a visit!) 🙂

Drink at Morimoto

Drink at MorimotoKorean style rice bowl-  kakuni, morimoto ishi yaki, and kimchee. ($24)

Korean Style Rice BowlSoft Shell Crab Roll- deep fried soft shell crab, asparagus, tobiko, avocado, scallion, and spicy sauce ($13)

Soft Shell Crab RollShrimp Tempura Roll – tempura shrimp, asparagus, and spicy sauce ($10)

Eel Avocado Roll – barbeque eel, and avocado ($10)

Tempura Shrimp Roll and Eel Avocado RolAvocado Maki ($5)

Sweet Gourd and Avocado MakiKanpyomaki (sweet gourd) Maki ($6)

Sweet Gourd MakiKakuni Flatbread–glazed pork belly, kimchee, and unagi sauce ($18)

Glazed Pork Bely Flat BreadTekka (tuna) Maki ($6)

Tuna MakiWe had such a wonderful lunch at Morimoto. It was so much fun to actually eat food off a menu prepared by such a well known celebrity chef. The fusion items, like the flatbread, especially made the visit worthwhile. And it was even more awesome because I got to share this experience with some of my favourite people, my family! It really topped off such a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Thanks again, mom and dad, for such an awesome family vacation!

(And you know a vacation was pretty great when you are still yearning to go back more than 3 months later when you are looking through your pictures!)

Last Day in MauiHappy Wednesday!


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