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Edmonton Foodie Christmas Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s gift giving time! I thought I would put together a list of some Edmonton specific gift ideas for the Foodie (or wino) on your Christmas list.

Cooking Class

I am really big on giving an “experience” as a present, rather than a “thing,” especially for people who have a lot of stuff already, or who are hard to buy for. I think it’s always fun to get out and experience something new and fun and if you are learning too, then that is an added bonus. Get Cooking! offers gift certificates through their website and I can’t recommend them highly enough,  I had an absolute blast when I attended a class there. Sorrentino’s also offers cooking classes. I have actually used a Sorrentino’s Gift Certificate as a wedding gift before and I think that went over really well.

Restaurant Gift Certificate

There are a ton of awesome restaurants in Edmonton right now, so many in fact that it can sometimes be hard to get out to all of them. I think pretty much every restaurant in the city offers gift cards, so pick your favourite restaurant or somewhere new and exciting and give the gift of a dinner out. Some favourites of mine right now are Corso 32, Red Ox Inn and Woodwork (although I don’t actually see anything about gift cards on their website).


There are lots of really cool local stores that sell all sorts of delicious food items. Try Jacek Chocolate Couture for beautiful handmade chocolates, Evoolution for a unique olive oil or Transcend for locally roasted coffee. All of these items also make excellent hostess gifts for parties over the holiday season!

Wine Tasting

Lots of people are big into wine these days and a wine tasting can be a fun way to learn about and try different wines (and a classy excuse to drink a lot). There are all sorts of liquor stores that offer wine tastings including the Co-Op Liquor Store, Aligra Wine and Spirits and Bin 104. There are also a lot of great wine bars in the city, my favourite being Bar Bricco.

Other Fun Things

On Our Table is local company, out of St. Albert, that makes beautiful kitchen boards and butcher blocks. These are definitely on the pricier side, but a beautiful board is something that can be used forever.

There are also all sorts of awesome special food events that go on in Edmonton throughout the year, although I’ll admit it is a little slower during the winter. I really enjoyed the Slow Food event I went to during the summer, and I think tickets to a local Slow Food event could make for a unique present.

Also, one of the best bakeries in Edmonton, Duchess Bake Shop, has recently released a cook book. Everything in the book looks absolutely delicious, and, hey, maybe you will get some delicious treats baked for you in return.

This gift guide really just scratches the surface of what the Edmonton food community has to offer. There are all sorts of wonderful local restaurants, stores and events all over Edmonton, sometimes you just have to look a little to find them. I’d also love to hear about any of your favourite local finds, just share your thoughts in the comments section, below!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  1. I find the Italian Centers have lots of interesting things that work as gifts and stocking stuffers. Silk Road is also worth a look although many of the more unique spices are also available at ethnic stores for considerably less (but not as nicely packaged). Call the Kettle Black and Barb’s Kitchen center are local and have great gadgets.

  2. I just thought of another gift. A really good chef’s knife. Pretty expensive so only for the special someone who is willing to take really good care of it. Many of the Japanese knives rust if not wiped immediately. Tradition also says that the recipient of the gift should give you a penny so that they are “buying” the knife so the relationship is not cut. ( this according to you Grandmother ).

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