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Shawarma Palace

While there is nothing fancy about Shawarma Palace, despite it's royal name, the food here is just really tasty.

Before I moved to Ottawa, Byron used to live in an interesting, little apartment above a Shawarma joint. One night, when I was visiting last February, we had a Shawarma craving, and despite the convenient location of the restaurant downstairs and the -30 degree weather, we trekked across town to an Ottawa institution, Shawarma Palace.

Shawarma Palace came very highly recommended; in fact the most detailed, well thought out restaurant recommendation that I have ever received was for Shawarma Palace. So, with all of that in mind, clearly I was expecting big things. Since that first, fateful trip to Shawarma Palace, we have been back a handful of times and we’ve never left disappointed.

There are various different Lebanese dishes on the menu, but I would say the most popular are the Shawarma Platters. The Platters are served with a generous portion of either the chicken or beef, brown or white rice, roasted garlic potatoes, salad, fresh pita, hummus, garlic sauce and an assortment of pickles. It is an absolutely massive serving; I’ve yet to finish the entire plate in one sitting, which actually isn’t a bad thing as it means I end up with a second meal.


While there is nothing fancy about Shawarma Palace, despite it’s royal name, the food here is just really tasty. The meat is juicy and flavourful, the dips are gloriously garlicky, the potatoes are seriously addictive and the pita is perfect for mopping up the sauces and anything else that might be left on your plate.

The only thing I will point out is that if you are sensitive to garlic… well, you may want to be mindful that the food here is laced with the stuff and order carefully.

Now, as I sit in our condo, watching the Snowpocalypse rage on outside I can’t help but think about how tasty some delicious Shawarma would be right now… but I’m sure not venturing outside. Shawarma Palace will have to wait for another day.

Happy (snow-day) Tuesday!

Shawarma Palace
464 Rideau Street
Ottawa, ON
Shawarma Palace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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