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La Pagode

La Pagode
17024 90 Ave
Edmonton, AB
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My mom first introduced me to pho about 10 years ago with a bowl of satay pho from Pagolac. For the longest time I didn’t stray far from my favourite “spicy soup” and I think even now it’s probably my favourite. Especially when I’m not feeling well, satay pho might be the best thing ever.

Last night I met Lani for a quick chat and dinner at La Pagode, my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in the west-end. I think La Pagode must have some connection to Pagolac as their menus are very similar.

The restaurant was not full when I arrived, but there was a steady stream of people coming and going. We both looked over the menu, although I really didn’t have to as I knew I would be going for a bowl of delicious satay pho.

Green Onion CakeWe started by sharing an order of green onion cakes. They were nice and crispy, but not overly oily. I like to dip mine in the spicy chili sauce that sits on the table.

Satay PhoThen my pho came out… it had been far too long since I had been to La Pagode for satay pho and this bowl did not disappoint. To me this pho is perfectly balanced. It’s spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. The broth has a complex, peanuty flavour and its a little thicker than normal pho broth. There is also always a good amount of beef and noodles in the pho. Perfect. 🙂

Lani had some sort of beef and vegetables on rice and I actually have no idea if she liked what she had, because we were so busy chatting I forgot to even ask her about it!

Our total bill with tax and tip came up to about $30, not too bad at all, very economical. I always enjoy going to La Pagode for dinner, the food is great, the price is right and it just has a nice low-key atmosphere, perfect for chatting with a friend.

Happy Sunday!

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