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Moo Shu Ice Cream

I firmly believe that there is never a bad time for ice cream. The weather could be scorching hot or bone-chillingly cold, but I’ll always have an appetite for ice cream. The weather in Ottawa this weekend fell on the scorching hot side of the spectrum, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out Moo Shu Ice Cream after a morning hike in Gatineau Park.

Moo Shu Ice cream is an independent ice cream shop that focuses on creating unique, small batch ice cream flavours with local ingredients when they are available. The flavours are often inspired by the owner’s childhood in Hong Kong which means that this ice cream is totally unique in Ottawa.


It was hard to narrow down my ice cream choices to just two, but I decided on the Bruléed Peach, made with local Ontario peaches from Warner’s Farm, and the Vietnamese Coffee, in a handmade waffle cone. Byron decided to go with the Hong Kong Milk Tea and Ginger Vanilla Bean in a cup.


The ice cream had a creamy, luscious texture, but what really set it apart were the fantastic flavours. Not only were they unique, but they were truly delicious and tasted just as described. The Vietnamese Coffee had an intense coffee flavour, you could taste real ginger in the Ginger Vanilla Bean and the Hong Kong Milk Tea actually tasted like tea.

The waffle cone was also delicious. It was light, crispy and flavourful – the perfect vessel to hold such delicious ice cream. I usually pass on ice cream cones in favour of a cup, but this one was worth it.

I was hoping that they would be scooping the popular Black Sesame flavour, but it wasn’t on the menu the day we went. I am just so intrigued by the idea of black sesame ice cream, plus the idea of black ice cream is just kind of cool. I guess that just means there is a reason to visit Moo Shu again sooner than later!

Happy Sunday!

Moo Shu Ice Cream
477 Bank Street
Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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