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Corso 32 Revisited

Corso 32
10345 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
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This past Thursday, Lana and I headed to Corso 32 for our annual birthday dinner. Unlike the last time I visited Corso 32, I was ravenously hungry and practically skipped into the restaurant. Lana and I were both super excited for our dinner (there may have been a few “I can’t wait to eat” texts throughout the week on my part) and Corso 32 did not disappoint.

Our reservation was for 6:00 and, no surprise, I’d had to call and make my reservation about 6 weeks in advance to get us a time during the “dinner hour”. When we arrived, the host took our coats at the door and then led us to our table. It was a little detail that I really appreciated, especially in a winter city like Edmonton, where I am often wearing a gigantic winter coat to keep me warm.

When we sat down our waiter greeted us and told us about the specials for the day. We were given some time to browse the drink menu and both opted for a glass of the Sangiovese ($16) that was on special.

After savouring a few delicious sips of our wine and perusing the food menu, Lana and I decided we were going to share a few different items. (I asked Lana her thoughts on the meal, so I am going to also throw in Lana’s 2 cents.) 🙂

Ricotta and crostini

We started with the house made goat ricotta, served with rosemary oil, maldon sea salt and crostini ($13). The goat milk ricotta was so smooth and creamy, nothing like the stuff you generally get at the grocery store. The tangy ricotta was accented perfectly by the rich olive oil and contrasted nicely with the crispy crostini.

Lana: Home made ricotta was simple and delicious. Satisfies a deep craving for the good things in life–bread and cheese. I think I’d take a perfectly baked baguette and an excellent cheese over a whole lot of food in this world.

House made goat ricotta

Next up was the raviolini filled with whey braised suckling pig, topped with brown butter, sage and parmigiano ($22). This pasta was just fantastic. The fresh ravioli were perfectly tender (the way only really good fresh pasta can be) and the suckling pig filling was so flavourful and had an interesting “tanginess,” which I think can be attributed to the whey. The brown butter sauce and sage accentuated the delicate raviolini, without over-powering it.

Lana: Pasta was really good. Totally solid. So hard to compare pasta in Edmonton after spending so much time in Italy, but this dish did compare. Wouldn’t necessarily say it won…Mario still has my heart.

Photo 2013-04-11 6 45 44 PM

Last, but certainly not least, we had the game hen with nutmeg and lemon, served with delicata squash and prosciutto ($31). The game hen was so delicious that I probably could have licked my plate clean. The meat was so juicy, while the skin was wonderfully crispy. I really hope that this game hen, or some variation of it, stays on the menu, because I would absolutely order it again.

Lana: Game hen was excellent. Best piece of meat I’ve had in a while.

Photo 2013-04-11 7 24 07 PM

After eating all of that delicious food, Lana and I were stuffed so we opted not to order any dessert at Corso. We decided, instead, to go to Bernard Callebaut’s Cococo Cafe for Gelato (because there is always room for ice cream), but were disappointed to discover that they closed at 8:00 pm. With ice cream on the brain we drove around looking for somewhere that would satisfy our craving. We ended up at Wendy’s and both indulged in a small, chocolate frosty. Nothing fancy, but it did the trick. And who knew that the Wendy’s/ Timmy’s downtown was such a busy place at 8:00 on a Thursday night?

Overall, our dinner at Corso 32 was nothing short of fabulous. The service was excellent; attentive, but not too much so. The food was fantastic; made with the best fresh ingredients and so much attention to detail. Just, hands down, delicious. It’s no wonder Corso is making it onto so many “best of” lists.

Another little thing I really liked was that they split the pasta and game hen onto 2 plates for us, without being asked to do so. Just another great example of a little detail that added up to an awesome, overall experience.

I was so happy to be able to experience Corso 32 with Lana, a fellow food lover and a dear friend. As Lana said, here’s to 25 and 26.. and someday 90! I’m looking forward to the next 65 birthday dinners!

Happy Tuesday!


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