Eating Out Edmonton Italian Pizza

Pizza at Spinelli’s Bar Italia

Spinelli’s Bar Italia
17010 90 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
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This past couple of weeks have been very, very busy for me. Busy with work stuff, busy with the not-for-profit I am involved with and busy with all the other things that seem to fill up my days. So, it feels so nice to be just sitting on the deck with my laptop, blogging, and enjoying the beautiful weather. Ahhh… summer. 🙂 I’m munching on some Goldfish (the cracker, not the animal) and drinking an Elderflower flavoured pear cider from Sweden called Rekorderlig. I actually picked it out because it had the most interesting sounding name of the different varieties I found at the liquor store, but it’s turned out to be quite delicious. I’m savouring this beautiful afternoon because I think this coming up week is going to be pretty busy also.

Blogging on the Deck

By far the most exciting thing coming up is the VIP Preview Party for Plow & Harvest on Thursday. I can’t wait to see what this restaurant is all about! Which brings me to my next point…. Plow & Harvest very generously provided me with 3 double guest passes to the Sneak Peek event on Tuesday, so congratulations to Jenn, Nick and Ben for winning my draw! I hope you and your guests have a wonderful time on Tuesday! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been having a lot of Italian food lately. This post is about one of the places I had been looking forward to visiting for quite some time, the new Italian Centre Grocery Store in the West end. Well, more specifically, these are my thoughts on the pizza made in the new pizza oven at Spinelli’s, the Italian Cafe at the new Italian Centre.


I’d actually tried to visit about a month ago, I think it was on a Thursday evening, and when we arrived at the Italian Centre, we were disappointed to find out that the person in charge of pizza wasn’t working that evening. Well, we quickly got over our disappointment with some delicious cheese and meats. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when we were looking for somewhere interesting to go for dinner after a weekend at the lake. Spinelli’s came to mind and I called them up to ensure that the pizza person would be there. I was assured that yes, there would be pizza, so I made my way over to Spinelli’s with my mom and dad to try out the new pizza oven.

Drinks at Spinelli's

First, we grabbed our drinks from the cooler (we selected an assortment of interesting sparkling beverages) and then made our way over to the counter to order our pizza and pay for the meal. The pizza menu was displayed on the counter and we thought 2 pizzas would be enough for the 3 of us. We decided on the classic Margherita and a Spicy Calabrese Pizza.

After paying, we grabbed a table and anxiously waited for the pizza to come out. It took less than 10 minutes for our name to be called indicating that the pizzas were ready. The pizzas were simple, but delicious. The crusts were thin and crispy and there was just the right amount flavourful tomato sauce. There was a nice amount of cheese on the pizzas, more than the one would find on a Neapolitan pizza, but not quite as you would find on a North American pizza.

Margherita Pizza

The Margherita pizza was quite simple, with only the addition of a sprig of basil in the centre of the pizza. My only complaint for this pizza was that perhaps there could have been a little more basil and maybe it could have been distributed evenly all of over… but that’s pretty minor. The pizza was delicious.

Spicy Calabrese Pizza

The pizza with spicy Calabrese on it was also wonderful. I loved the heat that the spicy, Italian meat added. I think my dad found it just a touch too spicy, but I quite enjoyed the kick.

We finished all but two slices of pizza, so clearly we really enjoyed ourselves. I think Spinelli’s in the West end is a great place to visit; whether it’s a visit just for the pizza or somewhere to fuel up before doing a grocery shop at the Italian Centre. I’m sure I’ll be back!

Well, I’m about 3/4 through my cider and it’s time to put the laptop away and really enjoy the sunshine. Let’s hope August has plenty more beautiful, summer days, just like this one!

Happy Sunday!


  1. The boys and I were there a couple of weeks ago and we really liked it as well but we only went for dessert and a latte!
    We will have to go back and try the pizza!

  2. I found the meat spicy too, so I would like to try one with a milder meat on it. I dont know what else is available. In any case, I sure liked the Margherita pizza. Loved the thin crisp crust. Delicious and looking forward to going again soon. Definitely my favorite in the West End

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